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Dear Friend,

It’s a proven fact that MOST people who try to create a WordPress site give up. Let me say it more clearly: 9 out of 10 WordPress sites never get completed!

A lot of these sites were started by people who never even made their first post.

Where do you stand in that equation?

If you’ve failed to create a WordPress site of your own or you’re thinking of doing so, pay close attention to the following…

When you get this brand new program, you’ll discover the fastest easy way to learn and master WordPress! These shortcut strategies take you by the hand and lead you through the WordPress creation process step-by-simple-step. Just follow along — and you’ll be up and running in no time!

You see, the problem most people face is a lack of actionable instruction.

Reading and doing is one thing…

But SEEING how to do it makes everything 100 times easier!

And that’s what this brand new program will show you.


I’m going to give you a true no nonsense, total blueprint literally anybody – no matter what your experience or skill level – can understand and use to build a fully functioning WordPress site within no time.

This is as close to a “beginner-proof” system you’ll ever find.

All you have to do is push play, and watch what to do and how to do it. And I’m going to give you the best time saving shortcuts you won’t find anywhere else.

Some WordPress gurus want you to believe it takes time to set up a site on your own. But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t take much time at all.

There’s no need to pay these so-called gurus hundreds to thousands of dollars for what you can do yourself. Trust me, you can.

I’m so sure of it, I’m going to guarantee it.


Now you can have access to this ENTIRE Set Of Easy To Follow, “Do-This-Then-Do-That” Step-By-Step Videos today…

These extremely revealing videos cover everything you’ll need to be up and running with your own WordPress site immediately after you’re done watching.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more thorough set of tutorials and…



Don’t let your inexperience or lack of knowledge hold you back…

The time to make your web presence known is now! And the
20+ videos in are some of the best videos ever produced to help you get started fast.

The PRODUCT NAME WordPress videos in this course are simple, unique, and easy to follow.

Each one created with YOU in mind.

These videos reveal some of the greatest shortcut tips, tricks, and methods anyone can use to get their own WordPress site up and running. Now we’ll reveal these shortcut secrets to you!



The 5 minute WordPress installation process.

Follow along as I show you how to get WordPress setup and running in as little as 5 minutes!

Understand and using the WordPress Dashboard.Watch as I reveal just how simple it is to organize WordPress according to your preference.

This video makes customizing your WordPress Dashboard as easy as 1-2-3!

Posting made simple.Discover how to add, format and publish content to your site using the built-in WYSIWYG editor inside WordPress.

I’ll even show you a nifty little tool that will allow you to automate your content.

Optimizing Permalinks For Search Engines.Out of the box, WordPress permalinks structure isn’t very search engine friendly by any means. But if you want to rank well in Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. you’ll need to know how to optimize them.

In this video I show you how to optimize your permalinks virtually guarantying you more free traffic!

Creating and adding pages.Want to create multiple pages or add pages separate from your main content? No problem!

I’ll show you how easy this is to do, and how to organize pages in any order you wish…

Customizing WordPress with themes.Here in this video you will learn how to change the appearance of your site just by changing it’s theme.

There are thousands of themes available online and I’ll show you how to download, unzip and activate them easily.

Working with WidgetsWidgets allow you to add some really cool features and functionality to your site.

I’ll cover everything you need and ever wanted to know in order to get the most out of using widgets.

The power of PluginsExpend your sites features with Plugins. I’ll reveal some of the best plugins to use, where to get them, how to install them automatically and more importantly, how to use them correctly.
How To Add GravatarsLearn how to use Gravatars to automatically add faces to names and build relationships with your readers.
Controlling SpamEveryone hates spam and the amount of spammers waiting to invade your site can be downright frustrating. However, I’ll show you how to block virtually all spammers without ever having to lift a finger!
Add a Contact FormsOnce you have your site up and running you’ll want to give your readers a way to contact you. We’ll go over several options available to you and show you step by step how to add a “contact us” form to your site.
How to Add Images, Audio and VideoIt’s true. Pictures really are worth a thousand words! Discover how to import and access your images in WordPress.

You’ll also learn how to format your pictures, add captions, audio, video and much more…


But that’s just the beginning!




You’ll quickly learn how to set up your WordPress site. All the guesswork is removedyou have easy to follow videos that show you the way.

Imagine having the ability to set up your WordPress site EXACTLY how you want it without any frustration or confusion. It’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment knowing what to do and how to do it. Not to mention all the money you’ll soon be saving by NOT having to pay someone to do it for you!

That’s why I’m making this as easy as possible for you to get started. It could take you weeks or months of late night hours searching for all the answers.

But I’m excited to give you the chance to bypass all that stress and confusion with

But don’t just take my word for it…

Take a look at what others have to say about these amazing videos:











it’s true! And it makes no difference what you know or don’t know about computers.

ProductName was designed with the complete beginner in mind.

You get bite size videos that teach you the ins and outs of WordPress. Best of all, you can hit play and pause whenever you wish and learn at your own pace. It’s really that easy!

By the end of this course you’ll easily be able to build and customize WordPress sites for yourself, family and friends, or even for your business.

You may even like it so much that you decide to make it your business building WordPress sites for others! For a fee of course 🙂

But before we go further let me assure you there’s absolutely no risk on your part!


Just to be clear… I want you to know without a doubt that you’re totally covered by a truly rock solid guarantee.

If after watching these videos they’re not as simple and easy to understand as you thought they’d be… you get ALL your money back no questions asked.

AND, you get a FULL 60 DAYS to put it to the test. Follow along with the videos, if they don’t turn you into a WordPress pro able to create stunning sites like you always dreamed of… you get ALL your money back no questions asked.

It’s as simple as that.

Remember, if you decide at any time during 60 days this wasn’t for you, simply shoot me an email and I’ll send you a prompt and cheerful refund.

You risk nothing!


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