Small Business Websites: It’s Time For Spring Cleaning

Your Business’ Website: It’s Time to Do Some Spring Cleaning

Just like your home, your business website also needs an annual spring-cleaning. It’s very easy to let things slide, and the consequence of that could be a steady decline in traffic, reputation and ultimately sales. This is a relatively insidious way to lose traction with your website, as you don’t necessarily see it occurring. But it’s quite real, and can have very real results.

So in the spirit of prevention, here are 5 ways you can make a positive change in how your sites appear, operate and prosper.

  1. How quick do your pages load? – You have less than 10 seconds to load your page or most people will exit and head elsewhere. Some reasons for slow loading pages are too many images, pages built mostly with Flash, and errors in your site code. This really is something you want to check into, as Google will penalize your site in the search rankings if your pages take a long time to load.
  2. Defunct products, programs, and links – Make sure and remove old products, programs and especially links that are no longer applicable. Nothing irritates a user more than heading somewhere and finding they can’t get there or the item is not available. Dead links and 404 pages will also affect your search rankings, too.
  3. Stale content and old images – Likewise cull out text and images that are no longer topical. Those awesome pictures from 2007 which feature people no longer working with you can probably be archived, don’t you think? People and search engines are usually after fresh, current content!
  4. Social media – Make sure that your social media buttons not only link to your current social media sites, but that you are up to date with them. Pinterest and Instagram are later entries that may not be displayed in your social buttons.
  5. More fresh content that rocks – There isn’t anything you can do to help in this respect more than to provide a fresh dose of new, relevant to 2013 content! If you have content on the first page of your blog that is more than a month old, you definitely need to be more proactive with your content strategy.

Break out your virtual broom and start sweeping. Your visitors will thank you!

in Small Business Websites by Allyn Cutts