7 Top Ways To Get More Client Referrals

7 top ways to get more client referrals

Everyone is looking for ways to get more client referrals for their small business. However, as stated by GrowThink.com some 58.6% of us don’t even ask for them! Customer referrals typically are not something that appears by merely wishing it so, but instead is the result of a definite, focused and consistently applied system. Here are seven ways we’ve found to boost client referrals, and they are surprisingly faster and much easier than you might imagine!

  1. Ask your best customers – These can be your best business evangelists. People who are already crazy about what you do won’t need much coaxing to sing your praises.
  2. Offer incentives – Special discounts, free stuff, upgrades or any other rewards appropriate for your business are a great way to get people to give client referrals.
  3. Go crazy on first-time customers – A new customer is a target ripe for the picking. Have them feel so special and valued that they almost can’t help telling everybody they know just how well they were cared for.
  4. Actively engage with your clients – Getting your customers talking and interacting with you, and ideally their social circles, can open many doors. Find common ground, and possibly create an online community for your customers, for instance a blog or Facebook group.
  5. Be gracious and hand out perks – Become great at saying “Thank You”, as well as in understanding  when a well-placed perk will help you. An unexpected gift card or a thank you note can work wonders.
  6. Enlist your staff – Getting your employees in the game can multiply your efforts. You will usually need to create some way to reward results, nevertheless it can be very much worth it!
  7. Create a loyalty program – A customer loyalty program, preferably online, can help you generate excitement and engagement. Reward interaction in addition to purchases, because this could lead to more and more people becoming involved.

Consistently working a client referral plan takes some determination, but at the end of the day can create fantastic results with a modest outlay.

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